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When Should I Consider Rehydration Therapy?

Regardless of how well you take care of your body, illness is inevitable and comes with a myriad of uncomfortable if not debilitating symptoms. Sometimes the best you can do is hydrate, eat well, and rest until it’s over. However, some illnesses and conditions can make it challenging to keep food and fluids down by way of the mouth and stomach.

In these cases, it’s essential to monitor your health and seek the advice of medical professionals when your symptoms do not improve. A service that Table Rock Mobile Medicine provides that may be right for your situation is Hydration Therapy that can be provided at your home or office. The question is – when is this something you should consider?

Intense dehydration can trigger by way of illnesses such as the influenza virus, particularly of the stomach variety, which can trigger intense feelings of nausea and lead to vomiting. Similarly, harmful bacteria found in inadequately prepared or otherwise contaminated food will likely trigger similar symptoms. The dehydration that results from the inability to withhold consumed products can worsen your condition and even become deadly in prolonged circumstances.

This dangerous level of dehydration can occur through a variety of other means as well, such as prolonged exposure to intense heat, which may lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. Excessive alcohol consumption can trigger symptoms by way of what we all know as a hangover.

Any of these conditions or experiences can lead to a rapid decrease in hydration levels. If you experience headaches, nausea, inability to sweat, dry skin, increased heart rate, delirium, or loss of consciousness, contact a medical professional. Hydration Therapy may be able to assist in improving your symptoms and condition.

An IV or intravenous drip works by sending fluids directly into the bloodstream. A doctor or nurse can inject the IV by way of a needle into the vein. The drip will then supply the body with much-needed fluids and medications to treat symptoms if necessary. The blood can carry these fluids and electrolytes throughout the body more quickly than by way of mouth. It is especially helpful when your symptoms of nausea interfere with your ability to consume anything.

Hydration Therapy, as offered by Table Rock Mobile Medicine, is not a substitute for any conditions or scenarios in which the individual is facing severe or life-threatening symptoms. However, it is a safe and viable solution for those who are in otherwise good health and not living with any long-term medical conditions. Ideal practices always include drinking healthy portions of water every day and avoiding excess consumption of dehydrating fluids such as sodas or alcohol.

If you find yourself unexpectedly warding off the stomach flu, dealing with sun-related illness, or had a surprisingly long night drinking and celebrating an occasion with friends and family, use this information to be informed about your options. Mobile IV Hydration Therapy can quickly supply your body with the fluids and medications it needs to stave off dehydration and harmful toxins in your body. Be sure to consult the staff at Table Rock Mobile Medicine with any questions or concerns regarding your situation before making decisions regarding your health or well-being.

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